Shashwat started the journey in the Cleantech industry with LED Lighting. Shashwat delivers the best services in LED Lighting and Solar PV with a strategically balanced team across disciplines like electronics and communications, civil construction, mechanical engineering, electrical design, optimized procurement, supply chain management and project management. With a solution focused approach, Shashwat Cleantech, aims to commercialise clean technologies which can help to reduce the impact of human activity on the planet.


​Imagine a pile of 200 litre drums, ten kilometres long and 5
kilometres across, stacked 10 drums high. That would be 1.3
billion drums, the number required to hold the CO2 that pours out
of Australia’s power stations every day. This is for Australia. And Australia accounts for less than 2 percent of
global emissions. Hence, globally, imagine a pile of drums, 250 kilometres across
and 500 kilometres long. Every day!
Carbon stays in the atmosphere for 100 years.

-From the Weather Makers by Tim Flannery

At Shashwat, we make a constant effort to make clean energy
viable for our clients, focusing on delivering maximum financial returns per rupee invested.

Shashwat is a growing company with multi-faceted capabilities in manufacturing, project execution and system integration.

Amongst our infrastructure, we have the following:
1. Two warehouses for integration of Solar PV Systems and LED Lighting Systems.
2. One manufacturing unit for all components related to LED Lighting Systems.
3. Team of 20+ engineers with experience in Engineering, Project Management, Service, Operation & Maintenance and Execution.
4. All necessary soft skills for delivering the best-in-class engineering which optimizes costs and delivers efficiency.

In a world that is challenged for resources, Shashwat is paving the way for a Cleantech revolution which will help to do more with less. All the technologies that we work with have the following advantages, and are planet positive.

We can engineer and implement the impossible

Shashwat is a pioneer in engineering Solar PV with a solution based approach that has continuously contributed to its growth. The team at Shashwat believes in providing a solution rather than just sufficing the client’s requirements. The fact, that the team has collectively implemented more than 75MW+ of solar projects is an evidence of the same.

Sustainability in the DNA

The management at Shashwat considers the sustainability of all its work from environmental, social and financial parameters. Solar PV Plants have a life of 25 years and are an eternal source of energy. Solar PV Plants installed by Shashwat are PID-free, which leads to higher generation compared to other plants installed in the industry. LED lighting has a significant edge over other conventional light sources. It has an amazing lifespan of more than 50,000 hours which equates to almost 17 years of life (if used 8 hours a day).

Manufacturing expertise

Shashwat manufactures LED Lighting and has developed an expertise in electronics for the lighting systems. Drivers are the heart of LED lighting systems, and hence a deeper understanding of the same leaves the company better equipped to deal with requirements. Shashwat also manufacturer structures for the solar projects that are implemented including rooftops and ground-mounted systems.

We do not build projects, we create partnerships.

Our customers are our partners. Over the years, Shashwat has served illustrious clients across various industries. Shashwat’s transparent processes and trustworthy execution helps build partnerships with clients that go beyond projects.

Organic growth

Having a background of over 25 years in several policy initiatives and implementation of projects in energy, the group has grown steadily since the founding year. Shashwat has expanded markets and verticals and been profitable while doing so.

Purpose meets profitability

Renewable energy is the most important part of an increasingly diverse energy mix. Shashwat Cleantech addresses critical needs in key sectors of the country like agriculture, industries, power, and infrastructure. With operations aimed at making renewable energy mainstream, Shashwat has a higher purpose along with profitability.

“ TEAMWORK divides the task and multiplies the SUCCESS ”

We’re a growing company with a big mission.It’s all about the people who make it happenand our people believe in hard work, perseverance, leadership and teamwork. We have created the culture of “all for one, and one for all”.

Mr. Dipak Pandya

Design & Engineering

He is Shashwat’s dedicated Team Leader for Design & Engineering. He has over 5 years of work experience and is a Master of Engineering in Energy Systems & Technology (focused on Solar Energy) from Pandit Deendayal Petroleum University - Gandhinagar.

He thoroughly enjoys designing and helping his team members and defines their distinction. Analysis, Mentoring and Reading are his hobbies.

In his words “Shashwat Cleantech has an uplifting culture”

Mr. Vishant Panchal

Business Development

He is holding the position of Team Leader in Business Development Department. He is responsible for handling all the communication activities of the company. He is graduated with a degree of Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Mechanical Engineering from IGNOU, University.

He is holding more than 6 years of Professional Experience in sales and business development field. He builds a market position by locating, developing, defining, negotiating, and closing business relationships.

He thinks “At Shashwat Cleantech, the goals are definite and clear hence working becomes more focused.”

Mr. Gunjan Kapadiya

Execution - Solar Power Plants

He has over 6 years of working experience. He is the Team leader of Execution Department of Solar Power Plant. He has done Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Electrical Engineering from Noble College, Junagadh.

He looks after Installation and Commissioning of Solar Power Plants. Most of his work involves field-based research. Gunjan also has detailed exposure to working of grid-connected MW scale solar power plants. Under his blend of Guidance, Knowledge and Execution experience, the company has installed successful solar plants all over India.

He thinks Shashwat Cleantech is, “Engineer-driven culture with a strong emphasis on work-life balance “

Mr. Sagar Chandarana

Service - Solar Power Plants

He has over 5 year of experience. He is holding the position of Team leader in Service Department of Solar Power Plants. Sagar is passionate about providing compelling solar solutions to his clients. He did his Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Electrical Engineering from Parul University, Baroda.

He looks after Service, Operations & Maintenance of Solar Power Plants. He maintains customer satisfaction by providing problem-solving behavior. He is providing help and advice to customers for product’s services. He also attends various seminars for improvement in his services.

In his word “Shashwat Cleantech has a strong & supportive culture.”

Mr. Hardik Kachhadiya

Execution - Solar Pumps

He has 4 years of experience in his field. He is the Team Leader of Execution Department of Solar Pumps. He has completed his Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Electrical from L.E College, Morbi.

Since he's joined our team, he plays a vital role in our company by overseeing all installation projects on-site for Solar Pumps. He also works with our team members as well as clients on a day-to-day basis to make sure the installation process is smooth. Researching about his area of interest i.e. Solar Energy is his favorite hobby.

In his words: “Shashwat Cleantech gives equal importance to team work along with personal growth and this in itself is quite motivating.”

Mr. Jitendra Bhataniya

Service - Solar Pumps

He has 5 years of experience. He is the Team Leader of Service Department of Solar Pumps. He has completed his Bachelors of Engineering specializing in Electrical and Electronics from RGPV University, Bhopal.

He gives his best shot to solve every single service issue immediately as well as politely. After he joined our Team the farmers are handled so well that no complaint is unsolved. Under his guidance and execution experience the company always succeeded in providing the service on time.

In his words at Shashwat Cleantech learning is an unending process, and everyday there’s something new to learn.”

Mr. Kurang Panchal

Mr Kurang Panchal looks after the Business Development and Liasioning of the Siddhi Group, having an experience of over 20 years in Transmission and Distribution in the Power industry, he has been building the electrical goods business amongst Gujarat utilities for companies such as 3M, ABB, Sintex Industries and Universal. He also has an interest in the manufacturing of electrical T&D products and hospitality sectors. Mr. Panchal holds Bachelor’s in Technology (B.Tech).

Mr. Rajendra Patel

Mr Rajendra Patel, looks after the Operations and Finance of the Siddhi Group. He has been instrumental for building the portfolio of turnkey projects of all the companies under the group’s umbrella. Mr. Patel holds Bachelor’s in Commerce (B.Com).

Mr. Karan Dangayach

Mr. Karan Dangayach holds a Bachelor’s in Commerce (B.Com), Master’s in Commerce (M.Com) and a MBA in Sustainable Enterprise and Marketing from the Stephen M. Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Karan Dangayach is passionate about the use of clean technology and policy in how it can reverse climate change. He has worked in the consumer goods, communications and non-profit sectors prior to Shashwat. When not selling cleantech, Karan likes to play squash and perform with his band.