Clean irrigation solutions


Shashwat brings their experience in solar energy generation to build sustainable and resilient distributed energy generation solutions. The energy industry is transforming from a traditional centralised model to a distributed and decentralised energy supply chain. This has been possible due to solar and other emerging technologies and awareness in the customers. Decentralised power generation empowers the customer by providing better efficiency, flexibility and high savings in their electricity bills. It also saves a great deal by reducing the need to set up new network infrastructure and providing grid stability.

Shashwat strives for the empowerment of farmers through provision of the freedom to generate electricity at your fingertips. To deal with the unreliability of power, Shashwat has a range of products for your irrigation, lighting and storage needs. The Infinity range of products and services include end to end customised solutions in the form of solar pumps, solar cold chainfor your storage requirements and more.

We also supply solar water pumps in the range of 0.5 HP to 50 HP. Farmers can now generate their electricity for their pumping and irrigation needs and sell the excess dispatchable power to the grid. With more than 3500 installations of solar pumps already delivered, Shashwat brings their experience to fulfil your energy needs.

Features Perfect for

Reliable and uninterrupted power source


No extra electricity costs after a few years


End to end services provision


Environment friendly