Engineering of 32.5 kW Rooftop Solar power plant


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One of the leading companies of India, a manufacturer of Starch & Soya Derivatives and Cotton Yarn required a solar power plant on the rooftop of their corporate house.

The roof of the corporate house had a china mosaic flooring which is prone to water leakages.

We, at Shashwat, ensured to fulfill their other requirements as well, such as inconspicuous panels from the fourth floor of the building as well as safeguard from the wind load pressure on the mounting structure.

Our company designed a special puncture free mounting structure and installed it using a special technique. The structure is able to withstand wind speeds of up to 150 kph.

In addition to that, our company also engineered the plant in way that it would not be visible from the main road, thus not hampering the aesthetics of the building.